FamilyCares from Angel Senior Care: Spokane and Surrounding Areas

The most successful home health care solution involves cooperative care between everyone involved. That includes the patient and the patient’s family, doctors, case managers and caregivers. When everyone works together to ensure your loved one’s needs are being fully met, they will be able to take advantage of the many benefits home health care has to offer, and most importantly, live their life in peace, comfort and security.

At Angel Senior Care Spokane, we firmly believe that active participation is the key to ensuring your loved one’s happiness and comfort, which is why we have introduced FamilyCares, a unique program in the Spokane area that embraces the idea of open, daily communication and information on demand for those involved in the care of your loved one.
​This allows health care needs to be addressed and met immediately, so your loved one never goes without the care both emotional and physical that he or she needs.

With full transparency, our FamilyCares program provides real time access, including the ability to download, to:

  • Shift Logs
  • Care Plans
  • Care Alerts
  • Family Message Center

Families and medical professionals benefit from Family Cares by getting instant, remote access to important health care information at any time, allowing for quick decisions when change and ensuring consistent home care through needs open communication.

We have put a lot of time and resources into creating the FamilyCares plan, because we know that staying in touch and knowing what is going on with your loved one will give you and your loved one peace of mind and security that the decision to choose in-home care from Angel Senior Care is the best decision for everyone involved.