4 Necessities Seniors With Alzheimer’s Care May Be Unable to Ask For

Alzheimer's Care Manito Neighborhood WA

Alzheimer’s Care Manito Neighborhood WA

Seniors with Alzheimer’s may not always be able to express to their family or caregivers what they need or would like. That makes it difficult for family members to take care of their senior loved one because they have to try and anticipate their needs. Alzheimer’s care is designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s to make it easier for their families to care for them.

The care providers that provide Alzheimer’s care have years of experience working with seniors who have Alzheimer’s so they know how to spot the signs that seniors have needs that aren’t being met but that they can’t express. Some things that seniors often need but can’t always ask for include:

A Humidifier

Running a humidifier can really help seniors who are living at home. Often the air inside the home gets very dry, especially in the winter when the furnace is running constantly. Dry air can make seniors cough frequently and can affect the quality of their sleep. Seniors who have COPD or lung illnesses may have trouble breathing if the air is too dry. Those with Alzheimer’s may not be able to tell a caregiver that the air is dry and they’re suffering because of it.

If you or your Alzheimer’s care provider notice that your senior parent has very dry skin, seems to be coughing all the time, or seems to have trouble speaking because of dry mouth then run a humidifier in whatever room they spend the most time in.

Glasses or New Glasses

A senior who has Alzheimer’s probably won’t be able to tell you that they can’t see very well. They may need glasses for the first time, or they may need to have their current prescription updated. But since they can’t tell you that they are having trouble seeing you and the Alzheimer’s care provider should be watching for signs of discomfort or signs that they are having trouble seeing.

Shuffling when they walk, touching walls as they walk, or peering uncertainly when they look at things are all signs that your senior parent could need glasses or new glasses. If it’s been awhile since your senior loved one had an eye exam you should make one now.

New Shoes

Another thing that your senior loved one may need but not be able to tell you they need is new shoes. If you don’t notice any scuffing or deterioration of the shoes they have you might not think to get them new shoes. But if your senior parent is shuffling, or walking like their feet hurt, or if they are always taking their shoes off because their feet are uncomfortable you may need to get them new shoes.

Special Utensils

If your senior parent is having trouble eating or doesn’t want to try and eat their meals it could be due to them having trouble gripping regular size utensils. A senior-friendly utensil set that is large and has easy grip padded handles might make eating safer.

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