4 Ways Classical Music Helps Seniors With Alzheimer’s

When you have a senior loved one that has Alzheimer’s you will get a lot of advice about things that may help your senior loved one. But most of them are just anecdotes with no real proof that they will have any effect. However, listening to classical music is one thing that is often recommended to help seniors with Alzheimer’s that actually does have science that proves it can be effective.

In addition to studies that show that impact that listening to classical music can have on seniors who have Alzheimer’s there are Alzheimer’s care providers who also say that when they are providing specialized Alzheimer’s care to seniors they see seniors get real benefits from listening to classical music. Some of the benefits that seniors get from listening to classical music are:

Slower Deterioration of Cognitive Skills

Alzheimer's Care Spokane, WA: Alzheimer's Care

Alzheimer’s Care Spokane, WA: Alzheimer’s Care

Seniors who listen to or play classical music can retain their memory and cognitive skills longer than seniors who don’t listen to classical music. Studies show that listening to or playing classical music can slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia. There is something about the structure of music that affects the brain on a genetic level and can impact the rate at which someone’s brain changes. Listening to classical music for even just an hour a day can make a big difference in your senior loved one’s health. 

Better Mood

Seniors who tend to get weepy or sad or depressed as a result of their Alzheimer’s can get an instant mood lift when you or a caregiver puts on a classical music CD or turns on classical music on the radio. Using classical music is a fantastic way to redirect a senior with Alzheimer’s who is spiraling into an episode of being very depressed and sad. For some seniors the only thing that works to change their mood is listening to bright and cheery classical music. 

Less Aggression 

Seniors with advanced dementia who have a tendency to become belligerent also can be soothed by listening to classical music. If your senior loved one gets angry or frustrated and you want to redirect them right away so that they don’t get themselves worked up into a nasty mood or become difficult to deal with put on some classical music and see how quickly their mood changes. 

Better Sleep 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often become anxious or filled with worry at bedtime and have a hard time shutting down for the night. If your senior parent often has episodes of anxiety when it’s time to go to bed putting on some classical music and letting it play until they fall asleep can help them calm down and sleep soundly. They will be able to get the deep rest that they need and you will get a break too when the classical music lulls them into a deep sleep. You can even let the music play all night if your senior parent often wakes up in the night because of nightmares or anxiety. 

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