4 Ways Seniors Can Combat Loneliness

Loneliness among seniors is a serious health concern. According to the CDC there are very real health risks that increase when seniors are socially isolated and not getting enough interaction with people. The CDC notes that experiencing isolation can increase a senior’s risk of dementia by 50%, and can increase the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke as well. But with most seniors preferring to age in place the risk of loneliness is high. If your senior loved one is aging in place and you’re worried about them becoming isolated and lonely at home here are a few things that your senior loved one can do to stay connected and get the social activity they need to be healthy:

Home Care

Home Care Lincoln Heights Neighborhood, WA: Combating Loneliness

A home care provider can do more for seniors than just help with housework and errands. Those are valuable services, but the most valuable service that a home provider can offer to seniors is regular social activity and companionship. A home care provider that comes in every day or a few times each week will build a strong bond with your senior loved one. That bond is a lifeline for seniors who are living alone at home. With the friendship and companionship of a home care provider your senior loved one can stay connected to the world.

Get To Know The Neighbors

Neighbors are a great resource for both extra help and social contact. After all, your senior loved one’s neighbors are the ones closest to them. If your senior loved one doesn’t know their neighbors have a cook out or a pot luck for the neighborhood so that everyone can get to know each other. Having neighbors that check on other, help each other, and socialize with each other can make a huge difference in the qualify of life for seniors in that neighborhood.

Join A Senior Center

Many communities have senior centers that are created just for seniors to have a place to socialize. Seniors can visit with other seniors, join clubs like a book club or stamp collecting club or classic movie club. They can also attend exercise classes, meet friends for coffee or lunch, and attend lectures and performances all in one easy to access place that is designed for seniors.

Use Video Chats

Even though video chats aren’t as good as an in-person visit they can still help seniors socialize and stay connected to friends and family. During the winter or when illness is a concern and seniors can’t travel or leave the house safely video chats can be a great way for seniors to get that social interaction that they need. Even seniors that aren’t very tech savvy can learn to video chat with a smart phone or you can set up a home speaker device with a screen and a camera for your senior loved one. Then all your senior loved one has to tell it to do is call you or call another friend or relative and the home device will automatically turn the camera on and make the call.

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