If you have an elderly parent or loved one who gets their senior care at home, you both may be needing a refresher. The day-to-day routine of senior care can sometimes be dull, unexciting, and mundane. Sometimes, seniors can begin to feel isolated or depressed, especially if they spend time at home alone or have trouble making themselves get out of the house to meet new people.

A vacation with your senior parent or loved one can help in many ways, and there aren’t a whole lot of reasons why it can’t be done. If you are planning a vacation or a little family getaway in the near future, consider inviting your senior along!

Here are 5 reasons why you should plan a vacation with the senior in your life:

1. Make memories.

Senior Care Medical Lake, WA:5 Reasons to Plan a Vacation With Your Senior

Vacations are always a time for fun and memory making, with pictures you will cherish for years and look back at with a smile on your face as you remember the good times you made. Why not include your senior parent or loved one in those memories and allow them to create wonderful moments in time with your family that no one will ever forget?

2. Get them moving.

Sometimes we want to encourage our seniors to get moving physically but have trouble figuring out what to have them do or find ways to motivate them to do it. Bringing them along on your family vacation will get them out of the house and get them physically active in ways that they wouldn’t be encouraged to do otherwise. If your senior has mobility issues or ends up overdoing it, consider bringing a wheel chair or scooter so that they can make the best of their trip and not be left behind or feel like they are slowing you down.

3. Give back.

If your senior parent has always found ways to give you the best of what they had to offer, or you just really appreciate all of the things that they have done for you over the years and want to find a way to give back, inviting them on a vacation is a great way to do that. They will be honored to be included and appreciate being the one who gets to come along for the enjoyment of the trip without having to do all of the planning or have the financial hardship of funding it.

4. Encourage relationships.

Bringing your senior along for a getaway is a great way to encourage your children to build relationships with their grandparents. It also motivates seniors to step a bit out of their comfort zone and open up a bit socially to meet new people and make new memories.

5. Life is short.

Life is short and you won’t regret spending time with the ones you love. Many of us will have regrets, but taking the time to do special things for our parents is usually not one of them. Show your senior how much you love them and cherish the time you have with them.

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