5 Things to Know About Personal Care at Home

Benefits: Personal Care at Home Airway Heights WA

Benefits: Personal Care at Home Airway Heights WA

Personal care at home is a specific type of assistance for people who need extra help with activities of daily living. ADLs are things like toileting, dressing, grooming, bathing, and eating. There can be a lot of questions about this type of care and how it works.

What Personal Care at Home Means for Seniors

Personal care at home can include a variety of services, including assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting, as well as assistance with mobility, meal preparation, medication management, and transportation. Seniors and family caregivers should talk about what is difficult and where the senior needs the most help. That can help to ensure that they’re getting help they truly need and want, rather than help that doesn’t address their needs.

Who is Providing Care?

One of the reasons that family caregivers might start to consider personal care at home is that seniors aren’t comfortable having help with such personal tasks from family members. But if family members aren’t helping, who is? Home care providers who are experienced in assisting with these types of tasks step in and provide care. They’re not there to embarrass anyone or to make anyone feel bad for needing help. They’re simply there to assist.

How Their Care is Customized

Not everyone needs the same degree or type of assistance with personal care tasks. So, one thing that seniors might wonder is just how they can customize the care that they receive. The simple answer is to communicate with family caregivers and with senior care professionals. If seniors are having more difficulty with bathing, for instance, they can talk through how to address getting that help in a way that is comfortable for them. Some people may only need temporary assistance, so it’s important for them to communicate with home care providers when they’re all right to try taking on those tasks on their own again.

How to Address Concerns When They Crop Up

Communication is always key when it comes to dealing with any sensitive issues at all. Home care providers are likely to ask questions and ensure that they’re handling personal care tasks in a way that is comfortable for the seniors receiving care. If anything needs to be handled differently, it helps for family caregivers and seniors to speak up about the changes they need to see.

How to Maintain Independence for Seniors

Seniors may worry that receiving personal care at home will mean that they lose their independence. However, home care providers work with seniors to promote their independence and help them maintain their dignity and autonomy at all times. This may include encouraging seniors to participate in their care, providing education and resources to help them manage their conditions, and supporting them when they want to handle tasks on their own.

Personal care at home is a valuable resource for seniors who need help with activities of daily living. Home care providers are there to make life easier and safer, not to make anyone feel uncomfortable at all.

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