Eight Signs That Your Dad Needs an Elder Care Aide

As he ages, your dad is slowing down. You worry that he’s in need of help, but other family members say you’re worrying for no reason. What are the indicators that your dad needs help around the home?

He’s Fallen More Than Once

Elder Care in Spokane, WA: Elder Care Aides

Elder Care in Spokane, WA: Elder Care Aides

Your dad has fallen a few times. This last fall was concerning as he hit his head and had to go to the hospital. Falling happens, but when his falls are happening more often, it’s time to address home care services.

He Forgets to Take His Prescription Pills

Your dad takes heart medications each day, but he often forgets to take them when he gets up. You worry that a medical situation will arise when he’s alone because of his forgetfulness. Elder care aides can stop by and remind him each day.

He Can’t Drive Anymore

After his last eye exam, it was determined that your dad needs to stop driving. He’s not happy about this, but he’s handed over his keys. Make sure he has a driver available to ensure he doesn’t feel stuck at home.

It’s Been Months Since He Changed His Sheets

Your dad doesn’t change his sheets. You’re not sure if he can lift the corner of the mattress to put the fitted sheet on. If he is going months without changing his sheets, it’s time to talk about having caregivers stop by to change his sheets and make his beds.

He Relies On Frozen Meals and Takeout

Your dad never cooked. He relies on canned soup, frozen meals, or takeout. All of his favorites are very high in saturated fat and sodium, making them unhealthy options. You can hire a caregiver to cook for him.

His House Is Disorganized

Is your dad’s house getting excessively cluttered? Everyone has a hard time keeping up with housework, but your dad is crossing a line towards hoarding. He has stacks of old newspapers and empty boxes that he’s saving in case he ever needs them.

Have a caregiver help him keep his home organized. His elder care aide can help him understand what should be recycled and what’s worth keeping.

He Never Does His Laundry

Your dad’s home has a basement laundry room. Or, he might have a laundry room on the upstairs floor, but he sleeps in the main floor bedroom. He struggles to walk up and down the stairs, so he doesn’t do laundry anymore. His caregiver can.

His Arthritis Fingers Make Flossing Impossible

Your dad has arthritis. He admits he cannot bend his fingers in the necessary positions for flossing his teeth properly. He can floss his front teeth, but his back teeth are hard to reach. An elder care aide can help him with flossing.

No matter what elder care services he needs, don’t push off hiring caregivers when your dad needs them. Start with a few hours and increase services as his needs change. Call to learn more about elder care.

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