Elderly Care Benefits For Seniors With Dementia

Seniors who have dementia may at some point need to be in a Memory Care facility but often they can spend years aging in place at home with elderly care support. Being in a familiar environment where they have lived for years, sometimes even decades, can be comforting to someone with dementia. It can also help them continue to do activities of daily living because they are surrounded by familiar things in familiar places. A home caregiver can provide the extra support that someone with dementia needs to stay in their own home as long as possible. The benefits of elderly care at home for seniors with dementia include:


Personal Care at Home Spokane, WA: Seniors and Dementia

Having a caregiver in the home can keep seniors with dementia from leaving the home, getting lost outside, leaving faucets running, leaving the stove on, and other potentially dangerous things. Elderly care team members can also make sure that doors and windows are locked and that the house is safe. A person who has only mild to moderate dementia may be quite happy at home as long as they have a caregiver who can ensure that the senior won’t be able to put themselves in a dangerous situation.

Cognitive Retention

Even though there is no cure for dementia the progression can sometimes be slowed down. A home caregiver can provide the kind of one on one attention that can help a senior hang onto their cognitive skills as long as possible. Elderly care givers can engage seniors in activities like brain games, puzzles, coloring, and other activities that can keep your senior loved one’s cognitive skills strong for as long as possible.

Medication Management

Medication is important in managing dementia so it’s essential that seniors who have dementia take their medications on time and in the right doses. A caregiver can make sure that your aging parent is taking the medicine they need when they are supposed to take it and taking it according to the doctor’s instructions. A home health aide also can help your loved one keep track of any side effects or negative interactions that they should discuss with their doctor.

Dietary And Nutrition Support

It’s very common for seniors with dementia to forget to eat regular meals or drink enough water to stay hydrated. With the assistance of an elderly care specialist your senior loved one will get regular meals that are healthy and nutritious. A caregiver also can remind your loved one to drink water throughout the day so that your loved one doesn’t become dehydrated. Dehydration can be a serious problem for seniors with dementia.

Personal Care Assistance

Another way that home care will help a loved one with dementia is helping them with personal care like showering and getting dressed. It’s not uncommon for seniors with dementia to forget to shower or brush their teeth. Caregivers can make sure that seniors with dementia are sticking to a normal personal care routine so that they are bathing regularly, brushing their teeth each day, and getting dressed in clean clothes every day.

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