Five Benefits to 24-Hour Home Care That You’re Overlooking

Have you stopped to consider the many ways 24-hour home care ensures your dad has the care he needs? Most people think of this level of home care as necessary only in dire situations. That’s not the case. Here are five benefits to 24-hour home care that you’re overlooking.

Companionship When Insomnia is Present

24-Hour Home Care in Spokane, WA: Home Care and Seniors

24-Hour Home Care in Spokane, WA: Home Care and Seniors

Older adults often experience insomnia. Some have a harder time falling asleep, while others wake in the middle of the night and just cannot get back to sleep. Your dad tends to wake up at 2 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. He gets bored being the only person up at that hour, which frustrates him.

With a caregiver ready to help him in the middle of the night, your dad has the companionship he needs. He doesn’t have to feel lonely or alone when his body just won’t let him sleep. His caregiver can make him a snack and cup of herbal tea and chat with him until he’s tired again.

Support While Getting Diabetes Under Control

Your dad learned he has diabetes and is having a hard time stabilizing his blood sugar levels. His doctor recommends eating a snack every few hours, even during the night.

Your dad is okay waking up, but he struggles to make a snack. He can have caregivers around at night to help him get his snack, take another blood sugar reading, and go back to bed.

Around-the-Clock Supervision With Sundowning

Sundowning occurs in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and it can be hard on family caregivers. This is especially true when family members move a parent with Alzheimer’s into their home.

Your dad gets frustrated and takes it out on you. You finally get him to bed at midnight and are exhausted, but he’s awake again two hours later. You can’t keep doing this.

With 24-hour home care, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Go to bed, put on white noise, and let the caregiver help your dad during the night.

Peace of Mind for Family Who Live Far Away

It could be a case of not living close enough to help your dad. He had a stroke and you’re in town for a few weeks, but you have to get back to work after that. Use the time to arrange 24-hour home care.

When your dad returns home, he has the support of his team of caregivers. They’ll work in shifts to prepare his meals and snacks, help him with personal care, and take him to appointments. His caregivers can do the housework, laundry, and organize the mail.

Friendships That Ease Stress and Anxiety

Your dad’s alone and struggles with those feelings of loneliness and isolation. Have you thought about the benefit of 24-hour home care when he lives alone?

Instead of thinking he’s all alone during the night and being anxious about it, he has peace of mind that there is someone in the house if he needs help. Your dad is less stressed, enjoys the companionship his caregivers offer, and feels at ease as he ages.

Don’t put off arranging 24-hour home care services if that’s what your dad needs. It’s the best way to support him as he recovers from a stroke, battles a debilitating illness, or progresses into the latter stages of dementia. Call a 24-hour home care advisor to arrange the around-the-clock care that he needs.

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