Five Ways to Help a Senior with Mobility Issues

You might not be able to take over every single task or issue that’s challenging your senior, but you might be able to help her to manage her mobility concerns. The biggest concern is making sure that your elderly family member is as safe as possible and that she’s able to do what she wants to do with relative ease. This may involve a few different answers.

Make Home Modifications

Personal Care at Home Manito Neighborhood, WA: Mobility Issues

Depending on the mobility challenges your senior is facing, modifications to her home can make a huge problem much more bearable. Installing a stair lift, for instance, can give your senior full access to all of her home. Other modifications may be simpler, but just as lifechanging.

Encourage Use of Mobility Tools

It can be difficult to accept that it’s time to start using mobility tools, like a cane or walker. But what’s most important is that your senior is safe while she’s trying to walk, and mobility tools can allow for greater safety. Work with your senior to find the right mobility aids for her.

Simplify Life as Much as Possible

When your elderly family member is dealing with mobility challenges, complicated activities may make the situation worse. Find ways to make her life as simple as possible. Delivering items rather than having to go out and get them from a store is just one example.

Talk to Her Doctor about Therapies

Some therapy programs, such as occupational or physical therapy, may help your elderly family member considerably. These types of therapy help to focus in on the specific issues facing your elderly family member and offer her solutions. She’s able to practice those solutions with the assistance of an expert who can then modify or enhance those solutions even further.

Consider Personal Care at Home

Another option to consider is personal care at home. Having home care providers right there with your senior can give her confidence to attempt greater mobility. Senior care providers can also help your elderly family member to save her energy for mobility by assisting with tasks that take up too much of her time and effort. This allows her to concentrate on being as safely mobile as possible.

Mobility concerns bring up big safety questions, too. It’s important that you and your senior come up with the options that work best for her and for her needs. Revisit the plan every once in a while to make sure that it’s still working for her.

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