Four People Every Family Caregiver Needs in Their Contact List

Whether you’re a new family caregiver or planning to step up and help your parents out, you need to know there will be challenges ahead. They’re not impossible to face. With these four people in your contact list, your role as a family caregiver can help you feel empowered as you help out.

#1 – People Who Hold Powers of Attorney

Elderly Care Nine Mile Falls, WA: Four People Every Family Caregiver Needs in Their Contact List

Keep the people who hold financial and medical powers of attorney on your list. You might be the person, in which case it doesn’t matter. You do need to know who they are if it isn’t you. If there’s a medical emergency, you need to be able to get the care that’s needed. If something goes wrong in the house, you need to be able to call a technician to fix it.

You don’t want to end up having to pay for the care or repairs out of your own pocket until you track down who is responsible. If you don’t get reimbursed as expected, you don’t want to let that disappointment impact your willingness to keep helping out.

#2 – Doctor

Keep the doctor’s number in your contact list. If there’s something wrong, you want to be able to get answers and determine if a visit is necessary. A doctor can help you decide if a trip to the ER or doctor’s office is needed or if it’s okay just to follow the doctor’s advice at home.

The primary doctor is important. If your mom or dad has Alzheimer’s or another chronic condition, keep the specialist’s number handy. You’ll find yourself with many questions the longer you provide care.

#3 – Support Group

Find a support group for family caregivers. If you have to start one yourself, do it. You’ll need people to turn to on bad days. You’ll benefit from venting and having someone who’s been in your shoes to offer comfort and advice. If you can’t find one nearby and don’t want to start one, look online. Many online support groups are available and are ideal resources when you have questions.

#4 – An Elderly Care Agency

An elderly care agency is essential. You may be providing much of the care your mom or dad needs, but you need to take breaks. An elderly care agency is a great resource for respite care services when you’re sick, taking a vacation, or need a day off for some reason.

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