Four Rainy Day Activities for Your Parents

Rainy days in the summer are necessary, but they can also make you feel trapped. If your parents are fighting boredom because they can’t go outside, it’s time to find ways to keep them busy when they’re stuck inside. Here are four activities to keep them happy when they can’t go outside.

Bake Cookies

Senior Home Care Spokane, WA: Rainy Day Activities

Baking takes time and leads to tasty rewards. If your parents have dietary requirements that keep them from enjoying traditional cookies, look for recipes that eliminate the ingredients they’re not supposed to have.

For example, your mom has been told to stop eating products with wheat or flour due to gluten sensitivity. Instead, make oatmeal cookies using mashed banana, old-fashioned oats, and some type of nut butter. Your dad needs to avoid nuts. He could make chocolate oatmeal cookies using cocoa powder, eggs, mashed banana, and tahini or sunflower seed butter.

Board Games

Scrabble, Monopoly, and Cribbage are games that take time to play. They’re great choices on a rainy day. It’s also possible to play some of them alone if you only have one parent at home. If others are in the house, you can play Monopoly and Scrabble as a group and spend time together.

Dance Lessons

Stream YouTube videos that teach beginners some basic dance moves. Your parents could spend an hour or two learning the basics of a foxtrot or a waltz. Not only does this keep them busy, but it also helps them meet their exercise goals for the day.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Not only do jigsaw puzzles exercise the brain, but they also give your parents something to do. When you set a puzzle out, it becomes a group activity. It also requires focus to match colors and shapes so that they fit together.

Look for puzzles that will challenge your parents. If you found they put together a 500-piece puzzle in a short time, upgrade them to a 1,000-piece puzzle. Or, you could find an intricate pattern that is a little more difficult to match up.

Remember That Caregiver Burnout Is Preventable

Are you finding yourself struggling to remain calm and patient when your parents become more demanding? They’re unable to go out to their gardens, so they spend more time asking you to take a break and join them, but you’re falling behind. They’re driving you up a wall. That’s a sign that you’re feeling burned out.

You need to take a break. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re past due for a day off. Call a senior care agency and ask about hiring caregivers to help out. While a caregiver takes care of your parents’ to-do list for a day or two, you can focus on yourself. Talk to a senior care specialist to get prices and schedule interviews.

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