If your elderly family member has hearing problems, she might be ready to consider using a hearing aid. There’s a lot to learn about hearing aids, though, because they’re a lot more complex than they seem at first.

Your Senior Might Want to Try a Few Hearing Aids Out

Elderly Care in Nine Mile Falls, WA: Getting Started with Hearing Aids

There are so many different types and styles of hearing aids. When your senior first starts thinking about wearing hearing aids, she may not realize just how many options she has. The best idea is to try out the different models that are available and see which ones are the most comfortable. An audiologist is going to be able to help your senior to find exactly the style that works for her.

She’ll Spend a Few Visits Fine-tuning Everything

Once your elderly family member decides which hearing aid she wants to go with, there’s more that needs to happen. There may be a few visits devoted just to fine-tuning the fit of the hearing aids themselves and working out what other accessories your senior needs with them. She’ll learn how to take care of the hearing aids and how to ensure that they’re always ready to go.

She Also Needs to Make Sure to Go to Follow-up Appointments

There are other types of follow-up appointments, too. There are the visits that focus primarily on fitting, but there are other visits that involve adjusting the software that affects how and what your senior hears. Her audiologist puts together a program for her hearing aids. In the very beginning, only a portion of that program is in effect. Gradually during follow-up appointments that program ramps up and is fine-tuned even further. These appointments are also a prime opportunity to make sure other aspects of the hearing aids are working well.

She Needs to Wear Her Hearing Aids

The biggest thing your senior needs to do in order to get used to her hearing aids is to wear them. This can be more difficult than she anticipates, because hearing sounds through hearing aids is different than how she’s heard during the rest of her life. When she wears her hearing aids regularly, your senior’s brain is able to adjust to those differences.

Keeping up with hearing aid maintenance and usage is a lot easier with help. Your senior may benefit from having some help from elder care providers as she learns more about handling her hearing aids.

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