If you’re feeling overwhelmed as a family caregiver, you need to look into how you can get some help for yourself. There are a lot of different areas of your life in which help might be available, so it’s important to carefully evaluate all of your various options. 

Make Some Lists and Talk to Friends and Family

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You might be so busy doing that you’re not even aware of all that you are doing on your own. Sit down and try to make some lists of all the tasks that you’re in charge of right now. Write everything down so that it’s not crowding your mind. Afterward you can start to group tasks in categories. As you look at the list, start to pay attention to whether there any tasks can be handled by someone else, including friends and family. Talk to them about what your plans are and see if they can help in small ways. 

Consider Outsourcing Tasks to Paid Helpers 

There are a lot of things that you’re probably doing now that you’re used to handling on your own. But it’s possible that someone else might be able to take those tasks on for you. Some of these might be tasks like cleaning your own home or mowing your own lawn. These tasks still need to be done, but you may not have time or energy to do them yourself. Hiring someone to take those tasks on for you can free you up. 

Hire Home Care Providers 

Something else to consider is that your elderly family member’s needs can change very quickly. That might mean that you need some extra help with caregiving tasks, especially ones that you’re not able to do on your own. Hiring home care providers is the perfect answer to that problem because they’ve got the experience that you need to rely on for those issues. 

Take Respite Time Regularly 

Being able to recharge on a regular basis is crucial for you as a family caregiver. If you’re not taking regular respite time, that is going to take a toll on you. You’ll feel it most acutely as being consistently overwhelmed and overworked. When you’re giving yourself the time that you need to be able to rest, that’s going to help you to get more done. 

Feeling overwhelmed is not a great way to carry on as a family caregiver. If you put yourself in that position for too long, you’re more likely to experience burnout. 

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