Home Care Assistance: Ways Caregivers Let Go of Negative Emotions

Taking care of senior loved ones can be very difficult emotionally and physically. If you’re caring for a senior parent who has dementia, Parkinson’s, or any kind of serious medical condition that requires a lot of care you may find yourself feeling resentment or other negative emotions. Many caregivers feel ashamed of occasionally having negative emotions or thoughts about caregiving but it’s absolutely normal to sometimes resentful or overburdened by the demands of caregiving. Feeling resentment or other negative emotions doesn’t mean that you don’t want to provide care for your senior loved ones or that you don’t love them. It just means that you’re human, and overwhelmed. Having home care assistance providers step in can help alleviate some stress.

Some things that you can do to help let go of resentment and other negative emotions associated with caregiving are:

Delegate Some Responsibility and Hiring Home Care Assistance Providers

Home Care Assistance in Cheney WA - Home Care Assistance: Ways Caregivers Let Go of Negative Emotions

Home Care Assistance in Cheney WA – Home Care Assistance: Ways Caregivers Let Go of Negative Emotions

Home care assistance services is a fantastic resource for caregivers. Having a home care assistance provider come in to help take care of your senior loved ones a couple of days each week will take some of responsibility off of you and give you a break. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Home care providers are there to help your senior loved ones and to help you by sharing the load of tasks that are essential for keeping your senior loved ones safe and happy. Even if you just get a home care assistance provider for one day out of the week that will give you a break that you desperately need.

Offload As Many Tasks As Possible

There are so many services available now that you really don’t have to stress yourself out doing things like shopping or cleaning for your senior loved ones. You can get groceries or even full meals delivered to your senior loved ones. You can hire a housekeeping service. Get lawn mowing, landscaping, shoveling, and other outdoor tasks done by professionals too. Spend as much quality time with your senior loved one as you can and don’t sweat the small stuff. Hire professionals for those things and just enjoy doing activities and spending time with your senior parents.


Journaling is a fantastic way to process the many emotions that caregiving brings up. No one will ever see what’s in your journal so you can write out all of your emotions and process everything without any fear of judgement or anger. Get all those negative thoughts out of your head and onto the page. You will find that if you start journaling regularly you have a lot less resentment because you will be able to work through all of those negative emotions. If you think you don’t have time to journal you actually do. Just write three pages of stream of consciousness writing just before you go to sleep. It will only take about 20 minutes. You can vent all of your frustrations onto the page and sleep soundly. When you wake up you will be refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

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