Home Care Assistance Services Available to Seniors

Services: Home Care Assistance Spokane Valley WA

Services: Home Care Assistance Spokane Valley WA

While the majority of older adults hope to age at home, it’s not always easy. As it becomes harder to drive a car safely, keep the home clean, and cook meals, home care assistance aides are there to help. Here’s a closer look at the home care assistance services that are available to families.

Appointment Scheduling

When an older adult has a hard time dialing a phone or navigating an online appointment scheduler, it’s often easier to skip the appointment. It’s not a good idea. Caregivers can help schedule appointments, keep track of upcoming appointments and make sure transportation is available, and cancel appointments when needed.

Cleaning and Laundry

Older adults often find it hard to keep up with cleaning and laundry. Some cleaning chores are easier than others. Carrying a heavy vacuum from one floor to the next is one of the challenges. Balancing a vacuum on the stairs is too risky. Caregivers can do the vacuuming, make beds, tidy up, and wash dishes.

A caregiver can change the sheets and towels each week and collect them with dirty clothes. The caregiver will then bring all of that to the laundry room and do the laundry. When everything is clean and dry, caregivers will even put things away.

Meals and Snacks

When older adults struggle to cook healthy meals, home care assistance providers are beneficial. They’ll discuss what their clients want to eat, prepare meal plans and shopping lists, shop for groceries, and put everything away before it spoils.

When it’s time for a meal or snack, the caregiver prepares it. If an older adult doesn’t want to eat alone, the caregiver can sit down for the meal and conversation. After the meal, dishes are washed, counters are wiped down, and the dishwasher is loaded and run.

Medication Reminders

With many older adults experiencing at least one chronic health condition and a large percentage diagnosed with two or more, prescription medications are the norm. Forgetting a dose is risky. It can worsen the disease or health condition

Caregivers can remind older adults to take medications at the proper time. If a pill needs to be taken with water or a meal, the caregiver ensures it’s taken correctly. If pills are getting low, refills can be arranged.


With home care assistance services, it’s no longer up to a family member to make sure a parent gets to a doctor’s appointment on time. They don’t have to arrange shopping trips to ensure their parents can join them.

Caregivers provide transportation services. Rides to and from stores, medical offices, dental offices, senior centers, and other area businesses and addresses are possible.

Home care assistance is the key to helping older adults age at home. An advisor can answer any questions family members have and help set up visits from a caregiver. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care Assistance in Spokane Valley, WA please contact the caring staff at Angel Senior Care today at (509) 326-4357.

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