How Can Palliative Care Help Your Senior?

If you and your elderly family member have been debating about whether palliative treatments might be a solution for her, it helps to know what all they can do. Palliative options are unique, and they’re a type of help that works in concert with your senior’s existing medical care. She’s not giving anything up to try palliative options.

Palliative Care is a Team Effort

Palliative Care Spokane, WA: Palliative Care Help

Palliative Care Spokane, WA: Palliative Care Help

Your senior may deal with a primary care doctor and a specialist, depending on her health issues. Those doctors may not talk as much as would benefit your senior, either. Palliative teams are just that, a team. There are specialists of all types involved as much as your senior needs to assist with a variety of different aspects of her care. They’re all working together for your elderly family member’s benefit.

Controlling Pain and Symptoms Is a Priority

The biggest priorities for your senior’s palliative care teams are often managing her symptoms and her pain, if she experiences any. These issues are directly related to quality of life and they’re often ignored or unmanaged when the focus is elsewhere in managing your senior’s chronic health concerns. Having a team approach enables your senior to have those issues managed from various angles.

Coordinating Other Care Is Easier with Palliative Teams

Another aspect of teamwork that really helps is something that can often be surprising at first. With all of these additional providers, it might seem as if more complications and conflicts with scheduling arise. But usually palliative teams offer better assistance with communicating and coordinating the care that your senior needs. That alone can make a huge difference in reducing your senior’s stress levels, as well as your own.

There’s More Emotional Support 

There are a lot of emotions associated with chronic health issues, too. And those emotions get compounded when your senior’s situation changes or she has to deal with additional health problems. Palliative treatment options account for supporting your senior with those emotional changes and offer solutions that help. Dealing with fear, anxiety, and sadness is not easy at the best of times. It’s a lot easier with the right assistance.

Once your elderly family member has the types of assistance that she needs, she may find that living with her chronic health conditions is a lot less stressful than it was in the past. It doesn’t completely remove what she’s facing, but this type of help can make everything more manageable.

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