Isolation is a risk of aging in place. While many older adults have family members stopping by from time to time, it’s not always the case. Some older adults live too far from family to have regular visits. Others didn’t have children or spouses. That can lead to loneliness and isolation. 

A designer in Poland came up with the idea to help elderly adults feel more involved in their community and avoid these feelings. Subscription cooking kits provide seniors with recipe cards, “Here’s Your Meal” note cards, allergen cards, etc. 

The idea is that seniors use those kits and arrange to cook meals for their neighbors. They leave the meals outside a door for the neighbors to pick up. In return, those neighbors help older adults in some way. It could be exchanging a meal for someone shoveling the driveway or mowing the lawn. It uses a “pay it forward” approach to community living. 

When your parents crave company and socialization, it’s important to address it. If they remain socially detached, it can affect their health. You could come up with your own social cooking kits approach or find other ways to end isolation. 


Other Ways to End Isolation and Loneliness

Elder Care Mead, WA: Feelings of Isolation

What are some of the other ways to end loneliness and isolation? Volunteering is a great way for your parents to stay active and social. They don’t even need to leave the house. There are online services that pair adults with people in need of mentoring.  

Groups like Empower Work or Hope Academy look for older adults with experience in a variety of employment fields. Your parents may have to go through online training and a background check. They can also volunteer by knitting or crocheting blankets and hats for area hospitals or to be mailed to overseas military members. 

Visit as often as you can. If you live far away or work too many hours to stop by when your parents are up, you should look into elder care companionship services. Caregivers stop by and keep your parents’ company as often as they want. 

If your parents don’t cook, a social cooking kit wouldn’t help. You could hire elder care services to cook for them. Your parents have company stopping by each day to cook their meals. 

If they’d like, their caregivers can take them shopping for groceries. Caregivers carry in the bags and put items away. Your parents can help out with the meal preparation or sit at the table and chat with the caregiver while the meal is prepared. Talk to an elder care representative to learn more about the services available from local caregivers. 


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