It May not Be Too Late to Keep Your Senior’s Heart Strong

By a certain age, your elderly family member may feel as if there’s not much that she can do to improve or to maintain health. The reality is that even a little bit of effort now in certain areas can help your senior to have better health, especially when it comes to keeping her heart healthy and strong.

Talk to Her Doctor First

Home Care Assistance in Spokane, WA: Heart Health

Home Care Assistance in Spokane, WA: Heart Health

You and your senior both need to know where her heart health stands right now. So, that means starting with her doctor. Her doctor can give you both an overview of your senior’s current health issues as well as a game plan for moving forward. This helps you to put a full plan together that meets all of her needs. Take the recommendations from your senior’s doctor and use them to develop a simple plan with easy steps. You can always add to it later.

Get Some More Movement in Each Day

Moving more, even just a little bit, is something that most medical professionals and heart researchers agree is important. Helping your elderly family member to embrace moving more does so much for her confidence, her balance, her safety, and her heart. Start out slowly and gradually work up to more movement. Starting out too big is going to end up being discouraging and makes it easy for your senior to give up.

Shake up Her Diet a Bit

Depending on what your senior typically eats now, her doctor may recommend switching up her diet some. Adding more fruits and vegetables, switching to leaner proteins like poultry and fish, and eating fewer processed foods is the ultimate goal. As with exercise, those changes may need to come slowly to allow your elderly family member time to adjust.

Get Other Health Issues Under Control

Other health issues can compound anything that your senior is experiencing with her heart. It’s important to make sure that other concerns, like blood pressure and blood sugar, are all managed properly. That takes strain off your elderly family member’s circulatory system and helps her heart to not have to work too hard.

So many changes, even good changes that she wants to make, can be overwhelming for your senior. Help her to deal with the practical aspects of all these changes and bring home care providers into the picture. They can assist her with all sorts of concerns, like making healthy meals every day.

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