Have you noticed that your elderly loved one seems off lately? Maybe they are more tired than usual or they feel down. These are just a couple of the things that you might notice if your loved one has a Vitamin D deficiency. Research shows that around 35 percent of adults in the United States are deficient in Vitamin D. If you recognize any of the symptoms mentioned below, you or an elderly care provider might want to take your loved one to their doctor to get tested for a Vitamin D deficiency.

No Energy

Elderly Care Medical Lake, WA:Vitamin D Deficiency

Elderly Care Medical Lake, WA:Vitamin D Deficiency

Has your elderly loved one seemed out of energy lately? Maybe they seem tired or even say they are exhausted no matter how much sleep they get. If this is the case, your loved one could have a Vitamin D deficiency. You or your loved one’s elderly care provider should get this checked out by their primary care doctor.

Joint Stiffness or Joint Pain

Has your elderly loved one recently been experiencing joint stiffness or joint pain? There could be many different reasons for this symptom. However, it could just be that your loved one is Vitamin D deficient. If they have this issue and they get the Vitamin D they need, their stiffness and pain could go away completely.

Feeling Down

Maybe your elderly loved one has been feeling down lately. It might seem like they have got the blues. This happens to almost everyone who is Vitamin D deficient. It is most likely related to their lack of energy. It is difficult to feel optimistic and happy when you have no energy. If your elderly loved one is feeling down, talk to them about it. See if you can find a cause and if you can’t, talk to their doctor about testing their Vitamin D levels.

Sweatiness While Feeling Cold

Another symptom of Vitamin D deficiency is being sweaty on the head even while feeling cold. This may seem like your loved one is sick. However, they may just have low Vitamin D levels. If this is the case, once they get the Vitamin D they need, this symptom will subside.

Trouble Concentrating

Has your elderly loved one had difficulty concentrating lately? If so, they could be deficient in Vitamin D. The important thing is to have this symptom assessed by their doctor as there could be many other issues causing this, as well.

These are some of the main symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency. If your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, have them get checked out by their doctor to see if they are low in Vitamin D.

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