Learn More About the Benefits of Elder Care

Elder care services ensure your mom’s needs are covered, even if you’re unable to be there for her. With caregivers helping out in a variety of ways, you’re able to focus on your life. Find out more about the benefits of elder care.

Your Dad’s House Is Clean and Organized

Elder Care in Spokane County, WA: Benefits of Elder Care

Elder Care in Spokane County, WA: Benefits of Elder Care

Keeping his home clean and organized is tough for him. His home is on multiple levels, and while he’s okay cleaning the main level, carrying the vacuum upstairs is difficult. Your dad’s caregiver can clean the areas of the home he cannot get to. He has a caregiver available to vacuum, dust, make beds, do the laundry, and wash dishes.

Your dad’s caregiver can wipe down surfaces with a sanitizer to kill germs. This includes sanitizing her faucet handles, sinks, counters, and doorknobs. When he is able to clean an area in his home, he’s welcome to do that, but he has the help he needs everywhere else.

Caregivers Ease Isolation and Loneliness

Your dad lives alone. You stop by as much as you can, but he’s still alone many days each month. With elder care services, you can arrange to have caregivers visit your dad each day or every few days. It ends isolation and loneliness.

Your Dad Has Help With Meals and Snacks

When your dad lives alone, does he eat as well as he should? Can he cook meals or does he struggle to cook dinners on his own? Does he find it easier to heat a can of soup or frozen pizza? While this is food, it’s not the best in terms of nutrition.

When you arrange food preparation services, your dad eats nutritious home-cooked meals that have the fiber, antioxidants, and protein he needs to stay healthy. His caregiver will help him plan weekly menus, take him shopping for ingredients, and prepare meals on the days you’ve requested for those services.

Caregivers Join Him When Running Errands

Your dad’s doctor recommends that he stops driving. His eyesight has worsened or his reaction times aren’t as sharp as they used to be. He can’t drive, but that doesn’t mean he has to stay home. Hire elder care aides to drive him to area businesses. Your dad has someone to join him when running errands.

Your Dad’s Safety and Independence Are Protected

With caregivers available to help him out throughout the week, your dad remains safe. He also maintains the level of independence he wants to embrace as he ages. Your dad’s goal has always been to stay in the family home, and you’re worried about it being too much for him to keep tidy. Hire caregivers to take over those chores for him.

Now that you know more about elder care, talk to a specialist. Ask any questions you or your dad have and book the services that help him maintain his independence. Call an elder care specialist to get started.

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