Many studies have shown that no matter how old a person is, participating in the arts can be beneficial. Music can be used as an escape. Learning an instrument can make a person feel successful. In addition, music can help people connect with their emotions. It can bring enjoyment to people of all ages. Experts aren’t entirely sure how music can bring such joy to a person’s life. However, studies show that it is one of the things that can lift a person’s mood and make them feel alive. Keep on reading to learn more about how music can be extremely beneficial for your elderly loved one.

Easing Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Elderly Care Airway Heights, WA: Seniors and Music

Elderly Care Airway Heights, WA: Seniors and Music

There have been studies done that show music therapy can lead to enhanced secretions of brain chemicals. This can lead to a more positive attitude and enhance the overall mood of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Best Tempo

As an elderly care provider or family caregiver, you might have noticed the elderly person in your life gets irritable and anxious. You should know that music might help calm them. Setting the right tempo by playing soft, calming music can help reduce anxiousness and irritability. On the other hand, if your elderly loved one is feeling depressed, you might want to turn on upbeat, fast-tempo music. This can help improve their mood and mental stability.

More Physical Activity

Studies show that going for a walk and exercising can help lift a person’s mood. Playing music while doing these activities can be a great motivator, as well. Music can inspire an elderly person to walk faster and exercise just a little harder. If your elderly loved one doesn’t like exercising, try turning on some music that might inspire them to start moving around more.

Better Social Skills

Music can inspire discussion. It can help people connect with one another. Many elderly people who frequently listen to music tend to talk about it with their loved ones and elderly care providers. They also like to attend concerts or other types of musical events which can help enhance their social skills. Some studies show that elderly people who spend time around others seem to lead a happier lifestyle.


Music can bring joy to people of all ages. It can help your elderly loved one have more energy, lift their mood, and enhance their overall well-being. Turn on the music and let the benefits for your elderly loved one begin.

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