Two of the most important parts of your body are your feet. By the time you’re 70, the average person has walked almost 100,000 miles. If your feet are in poor shape, mobility is impacted. Feet don’t tend to have problems until improper foot care occurs. Shoes that do not offer the right support or don’t fit correctly can lead to feet problems.

Proper foot care starts with the shoes your dad wears. It’s not the only thing. He needs to dry his feet after a shower and moisturize them. He needs to keep his toenails trimmed and filed to avoid rough edges. He should also check his feet for sores as that can be a sign of a chronic health condition. When it comes to shoes, consider these features and qualities.

Arch Support

Caregiver Liberty Lake, WA: Proper Foot Care

Your dad may have a high arch or low arch. He needs to find a shoe that supports his arch. If his arch is fully supported, the big toe’s alignment is proper and less likely to cause him pain when he walks or stands.


Feet sweat and can become smelly. That sweat can also increase the risk of fungus growing. With a shoe that breathes, moisture more easily leaves the shoe. It can help decrease foot odor and problems like athlete’s foot.


With each step, your dad’s foot bends. If a shoe’s flex point doesn’t match the ball of your dad’s foot, it’s going to strain muscles in his foot. He may experience arch pain. He needs a flexible shoe that has the flex point aligned with the ball of his foot.

Shoe Size

Have your dad’s foot measured for width and length. Many people wear shoes that are the incorrect size or width. If a shoe is too small, it’s going to pinch and rub. The friction of the shoe rubbing skin can create blisters or open sores.


If your dad’s foot tips to the side while he walks, he stands the chance of losing his balance. He could also strain his calf muscle as he walks. A shoe should have a stiff heel that doesn’t shift to the side with each step. It should hold the foot steady.

Toe box

A narrow toe box forces the toes together. That will cause pain. Toenails may dig into neighboring toes and cause cuts. The toe box of a shoe should be wide enough to allow the toes to spread out. That can help prevent foot issues like bunions.

Aging can make it harder to bend over to trim toenails. It may be too hard for your dad to lift his foot to moisturize it or check under the foot for sores. If he’s struggling with foot care, have caregivers come to his home. Caregivers offer help with foot care. They can trim his nail, file the edges, and thoroughly dry the feet before applying moisturizer.

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