Simple Dinner Ideas for Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Cheney WA

Home Care Assistance in Cheney WA

Finding dinner ideas can be a struggle when you aren’t sure what your loved one can eat or what they like. They may stop eating for several reasons, but the biggest one may be because they can’t stand and slave away in the kitchen like they used to. This is when home care assistance can come in handy; they are professionals who can help prepare meals for your loved one. Your senior should always be talking to a doctor to figure out what they should be eating, and once they know what to avoid and what to add to their diets, they should find recipes they love to eat. If you or senior home care needs a few recipe ideas, here is a good place to start.

Start With a CrockPot

A slow cooker is one of the best ways to get all the vegetables and protein a senior needs, and it is easy for home care assistance to prepare before they cook it. Senior home care can chop and freeze an entire meal in a freezer bag before a senior needs it, and all they have to do is dump it in the crockpot and leave it on low for the whole day. These dump-and-go meals are going to be perfect for fall and winter and will be super filling while also making leftovers for the week. One full crockpot meal may make a week’s worth of food for your loved one, which is perfect! Here are some of the easiest and most delicious crockpot meals.

  • Baked Ziti

    Ziti is a type of pasta, but you can use almost any type of pasta for this recipe. You will also need ground beef or pork with your senior’s favorite vegetables. You’ll have to add broth so nothing burns and leave your crockpot high. If you want to make this in advance, you can boil the pasta and add everything into a freezer bag, so all your loved one has to do is dump it and bake it in their crockpot. It’s an easy dish, and you can add as many vegetables as possible. This is the best recipe to sneak in more carrots and kale. It’s time to try slower cooker baked ziti.

  • Parmesan Chicken Stew

    This is a very easy stew and only requires 12 ingredients, but if your senior wants to add more vegetables, this is the best way. You can add kale, bell peppers, or even potatoes to make it tasty with more nutrients. You can cube up all of the ingredients and freeze them first, so all your senior has to do is dump it in and the liquid needed or parmesan cheese once it’s in the crockpot. Parmesan chicken stew is light but still filling and will help warm a senior up on a cold day. This is the perfect fall meal your senior loved one will adore in the evening.

  • Honey Chicken

    One of the best ways to get a juicy chicken is to throw it in the crockpot. Cover it in honey and garlic, and you have a juicy, sticky meal that can be served with vegetables. This will take 3-5 hours for your crockpot to make and will be absolutely delicious. If you want it low sugar, try balsamic or some other low sugar option. However, honey chicken is one of the most delectable recipes for your senior loved one.

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