Six Ways to Make Friends When You’re Busy Caring for Your Dad

Do you feel alone and isolated in your role as a family caregiver? It’s not surprising if that answer is “yes,” as 21% of family caregivers report that they do feel alone while caring for a family member.

Just over half of family caregivers felt that there was no choice but for them to take on their role. When you feel trapped in caring for your dad, it can make you feel isolated from your friends. Plus, you may find your former friends don’t understand your devotion to your dad’s care, so they pull away from you. What do you do to make new friends when you’re a family caregiver?

Sign Up for Classes at Your Local Gym

Senior Home Care Cannon Hill Neighborhood, WA: Caring For Your Father

Senior Home Care Cannon Hill Neighborhood, WA: Caring For Your Father

When you’re not providing the help your dad needs, sign up for a fitness class at a local gym. Aim for programs that help ease stress and tension while also helping tone muscles. Tai Chi, Yoga, and Zumba are popular options.

Join a Support Group

Look for support groups for family caregivers. One of the best ways to make friends is by surrounding yourself with people who understand exactly what you’re experiencing. You’ll find support groups online and through organizations like the Agency on Aging.

Attend Library Hobby Groups

Does your local library have hobby groups that meet regularly? That’s a good way to find people with similar interests. A book reading group, gardening club, or knitting group are all popular groups that hold regular meetings in local libraries. Check your library’s calendar of events to find out what’s available in your area.


Become a volunteer and make friends with the other volunteers. You could see if the local library needs anyone to sit at the deck and check patrons’ books out or help sort the books on the shelves.

Hospitals often look for volunteers to man the information counter or to work in the gift shop. You might also find that a local non-profit needs volunteers for fundraising campaigns.

Invite Your Neighbors Over

Consider hosting a neighborhood get-together. People can bring their favorite dishes and join their neighbors for conversations and meals together. As you get to know your neighbors, you’ll be able to find those you connect with. That’s all it takes to start making friends who live just a few houses away.

Form a Walking Club

One thing that all ages need is a break from the daily grind, but some people are not comfortable walking on their own. There’s safety in numbers, so you may find people in your community who are eager to join a walking club. Start one on your own and post notices on town social media pages and store bulletin boards.

Poll those who are interested in joining to get ideas for the days and times they’re available. Build the walking club schedule around those suggestions. You might want to pick a few days each week and vary the times so that everyone has a chance to join.

Make sure you’re taking frequent breaks and focusing on your own need for socialization. Senior home care aides can help your dad in your absence. Go join a support group, take a fitness class, or attend a social event at a local library. With senior home care services, you’re able to go out, meet others, and know your dad is in great hands.

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