Three Ways to Help Home Care Improve Safety for the Senior in Your Life

Safety is and should remain one of the top priorities for people supporting aging parents and other loved ones. As people get older and begin having trouble with their balance, strength, memory, or other issues, safety becomes compromised.

There are things you can do to improve safety, though. Talking about the benefits of home care is one of them.

There’s probably a lot you don’t know about home care. The same could be true of the senior in your life, too. If he or she doesn’t know much (or anything) about home care, then how could either of you possibly know what they could do to improve the safety and welfare of that aging person?

Being that June is National Safety Month, we thought it prudent to discuss some of the ways that home care can improve the safety of an aging person in your life.

First, they can evaluate the home environment.

Home Care in Mead, WA: Senior Safety

Most of the time, we don’t even think twice about all the problems residing right in our home. When we’re young and strong, we simply go about our lives without a second thought.

There are risks everywhere, though, many of them right there in our own houses. The bathroom is perhaps the most dangerous room in any house. The kitchen is the second most dangerous room.

A home care aide who has experience doing this type of work can step in and evaluate the senior’s house. They might be able to make simple recommendations for improvements that would make a world of difference.

The lighting might need to be improved. Grab bars could make a wonderful and inexpensive addition to the tub or shower that allows the senior to hold onto something while stepping in and out of the shower. A shower seat could also be a great idea.

Know what else might be a wonderful idea? Bringing items from the kitchen cabinets down to within easy reach. Then the senior wouldn’t need to grab a stepladder or chair to try and get things down.

This could all come from the experience of a home care aide.

Second, they can offer help.

When the senior wakes up, he or she may have a tough time getting going in the morning. A home care aide stopping by during the mornings could assist them in getting out of bed, getting dressed, and getting ready for the day.

With that other person supporting them, it could keep them safer rather than trying to do everything alone.

Finally, a home care aide may encourage the senior to focus on exercise.

Exercise is important for everyone, regardless of age. If the senior’s doctor has cleared them for exercise, a home care aide can assist them in these endeavors. By having someone walking with them, standing with them, or guiding them with certain exercises, they can be safer than if they tried to do them alone.

These are only a few simple ways that home care can improve safety for aging seniors.

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