Tips for Boosting Daily Brain Activity in the Elderly

If you have been spending a lot of time with your elderly loved one, you may have noticed they are slowly forgetting things. You may also notice their mind seems to drift during the conversations you or their home care providers have with them. If these types of things are happening, there are some tips for boosting daily brain activity that can help to reduce memory loss and concentration issues in senior citizens. After you read about these tips, be sure you and 24-hour home care providers encourage your elderly loved one to do them. 

Trying New Things

In-Home Care Spokane, WA: Brain Activity

In-Home Care Spokane, WA: Brain Activity

Research shows that one of the best tips for boosting daily brain activity in the elderly is trying new things. There are likely many things that your elderly loved one has never even tried. You or an elder care provider can talk to them to discuss things they would like to try. Some options might include;

  • Reading a novel each week for one year
  • Going to a community center to play a sport
  • Playing disc golf
  • Volunteering 

There are thousands of activities out there that your elderly loved one could try. They can try something new every day, every week, or just whenever they feel up to doing so. 

Using Distraction

Did you know that sometimes distraction is a good thing? Sure, you want your elderly loved one to stay on track with things. However, if they have a problem in life and continue to focus on it without a break, that can cause even more stress. High levels of stress for extended periods of time may make memory loss  worse and other brain activities slower. If you or a 24-hour home care provider notices your elderly loved one is stressed, using distraction can help them to take a break from what is causing them despair. Then, after they are rested, they can find a good solution to that problem. 

Putting Together or Doing a Puzzle

You may already know that there are tons of different kinds of puzzles out there. Studies show that senior citizens who put together or do puzzles every day have less memory loss, greater concentration, and improved focus. If this sounds like something your elderly loved one needs, some puzzles they can do include:

  • Brain teasers
  • Board puzzles
  • Word searches
  • Crosswords
  • Sudoku

Find out which puzzles your elderly loved one enjoys the most and get those ones. You or elderly care providers can do puzzles with your elderly loved one, as well. 


Now that you have some tips to help boost your elderly loved one’s daily brain activity, you can start encouraging them to do these things. If, at any point, you are concerned that your elderly loved one’s memory keeps slipping or they just can’t seem to focus, you should have them see their doctor. There might be a health issue that is causing reduced brain activity in your elderly loved one.

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