You’re thinking of all of the ways to prevent your dad from falling. Whether he’s already fallen or you’re being proactive, flooring is one of the best places to start. When it comes to flooring, what is the best type of floor for preventing falls? 

Elderly Care Medical Lake, WA: Flooring and Seniors Falling

Carpets are one of the best forms of flooring as you can’t easily slip on them. Plus, there’s a padded surface that’s easier on the knees if your mom or dad has to kneel down to reach something. If they do fall, carpeting acts as a cushion. 
A professional carpet installer is needed to make sure the carpet is tight and wrinkle-free. If your parents are prone to allergies, you need to keep it vacuumed regularly. Steam cleaning carpeting once or twice a year is also good for keeping allergens down. 
Cork Flooring 
Cork flooring is attractive and creates a smooth surface that’s ideal for walkers and wheelchairs. Unlike vinyl, wood, or laminate flooring, cork also has some give as it is a softer material. That makes it hard to slip on. You do have to be careful about pet claws and furniture legs scratching or denting cork flooring. 
Sand-Blasted Stone Tiles 
You can get stone tiles that have sand-blasted surfaces to add traction. These tiles are heavy and need proper sub-flooring to support their weight. If that’s possible, stone tiles are perfect for entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. 
If your parents want sand-blasted stone tile, they’ll need to hire a contractor. You might be able to do it yourself if you’re comfortable using a wet tile saw and know how to grout. 
Vinyl Plank 
Vinyl plank flooring is non-slip and rugged, which makes it perfect for any room. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns to mimic your favorite types of wood or stone flooring. Install vinyl tile that looks like marble or planks that look like oak. You can even get it in patterns. 
If you’re a DIYer, vinyl plank flooring is easy to install. You’ll need to clear old flooring and clean the plywood, which takes time and energy. Once the sub-floor is clean, the tiles snap and lock into place. 
Elderly care assistants also help with fall prevention. They’re available for support while your dad stands up or walks around. His caregiver joins him on walks for exercise and even assists him in stores or at appointments if needed. Learn more about mobility services by calling an elderly care agency. 


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