4 Ways Seniors Can Reduce the Risk of Fires

If your senior loved one hasn’t changed the batteries in their smoke detector in awhile now is the perfect time to do it. Smoke detector batteries should be changed regularly, usually twice a year, to ensure that they are working properly. Seniors have a higher risk of dying in a fire than other populations, in fact seniors have a 2.6% higher risk of dying in a fire. Seniors who age in place need to take fire prevention seriously and so do their families. Four of the most recommended ways for seniors to reduce the risk of a house fire are:

Replace The Smoke Detectors

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If it’s been a few years since the smoke detectors in your senior loved one’s home have been replaced now is the time to replace them. Modern smoke detectors are much more advanced than previous models and use modern technology to help detect and prevent fires. You can replace the existing smoke detectors with ones that are designed for the elderly and have flashing lights as well as sirens so that seniors will get a visual cue to get out of the room as well as hearing a siren.

Get Fireplaces, Stoves, and Furnaces Inspected Yearly

Preventing fires should be a priority for you and for your senior loved one. If your senior parent is aging in place make sure that stove, the furnace, and any fireplaces and chimneys in the house are inspected at least once a year. Have the furnace and ductwork cleaned and make sure that they are ready to go before winter sets in. Some preventative maintenance may just save your senior loved one’s life. Especially if your senior loved one is living in the house they have had for twenty years get routine maintenance and inspections done on the furnace, stove, and an fireplaces in the house. Don’t forget to get the chimney cleaned too if there is a chimney in the home.

Have Multiple Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are the best line of defense if there is a fire in the home. Make sure that your senior loved one can access a fire extinguisher anywhere in the home. Put one near the stove in the kitchen, on the wall near the furnace, in your senior loved one’s bedroom, in the living room, and anywhere else where there is a possibility that a fire might break out. You should also check to make sure that the current extinguishers are not expired.

If your senior loved one has a 24-hour home care provider they can help you check all the fire extinguishers and install more. A 24-hour home care provider can also make sure that your loved one never cooks alone so there’s no chance they will start a kitchen fire cooking.

Go Electric

If there is a gas stove in your senior loved one’s home have it swapped out for an electric stove. There is a much lower risk of your senior loved one having a house fire if they have an electric stove.

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