Fall Risk for Seniors at Home

Slips and falls in the elderly are the leading cause of injury-related emergency visits and primary origination in accidental deaths in those 65 and up.

Most falls do not result in major injury but the psychological impact of a fall or fear of falling can hinder activity and mood significantly in seniors. A recent study by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that of people age 72 and older, the average health care cost of a fall injury totaled $30 billion.

This figure includes emergency room visits, hospitalization, nursing home assistance and home health care. For seniors, however, the cost of a fall is more than just monetary, often resulting in a significant loss of mobility and independence. The importance of fall prevention planning must not be avoided.

The compassionate home care companions that Angel Senior Care employs are trained to provide non-medical home care recovery assistance after a fall. More importantly, providing home help for the elderly relative or loved one in your life improves the chances of preventing falls from happening in the first place.

By encouraging regular exercise, monitoring medication schedules, eliminating fall hazards around the home and helping seniors navigate high-risk areas like the kitchen and bathroom, the quality home care companions that Angel Senior Care refers help to significantly reduce the risk of a fall for your aging loved ones.

Spokane Seniors Fall Risk

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