We Take a Specialized Approach to Home Care

A home care company is only as strong as its caregivers. For that reason, we have extremely stringent hiring requirements here at Angel Senior Care Spokane, hiring only the very best caregivers whose philosophies match up with our own to provide compassionate, client-focused care that emphasizes comfort and dignity above all else.

Home Care Questions

When it comes time to find a home care provider for your family member, chances are you have a lot of questions and concerns. How does home care work? What can you expect of your companion or caregiver? Will he or she be able to handle all of your loved one's needs? With all the uncertainty surrounding this difficult transition, it helps to have a trusted, compassionate ally you can turn to for advice.

In-Home Care in Spokane Washingtion

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Free In-Home Needs Assessment

That's why Angel Senior Care offers prospective clients and their families our complimentary in-home needs assessment. Over the course of this free 90-minute consultation, one of our expert Care Coordinators meets with you and your family, gauging the level of assistance required to support your loved one and help him or her maintain as much independence as possible.

After evaluating your family's home care goals and getting a feel for your loved one's physical and cognitive needs, we work with you to create a Personalized Care Proposal. This proposal recommends the type of care and the optimal number of hours required.

Caregiver Match

As part of our consultation with you, we will work to get to know your loved one to understand how best to match them with one of our caregivers. It isn't enough to be sure your loved one's needs of daily living are met; we want to provide them with a caregiver who will work well with them on a personal level. With the intimacy of a home care setting, complementing personalities are necessary to ensure the highest level of care and overall satisfaction with your loved one's home care experience.

When you choose Angel Senior Care, you can be confident that you are working with some of the most caring, attentive, and thoroughly trained and screened caregivers in the Spokane area. We look forward to showing you what quality home care is all about.

Our Specialized Approach to Care is Key to Our Outstanding In-Home Services