Hospice and Palliative Care Support

We understand that both physical and emotional-spiritual dynamics take place during this challenging time of transition. Having lived a life of purpose, a hospice diagnosis means precious time should be celebrated and spent surrounded with friends and family. Our approach is simple: do everything possible to enable quality time among immediate family and friends.

Accepting the response to a hospice illness should include accepting help with needs. While hospice care treats the palliative needs or control of pain, the needs of a hospice patient vary widely. These needs can include resources for practical information, closing loose ends financially and emotionally, and having someone to guide you and the family through the process.

Over time the intensity of needs may increase to physical and spiritual needs. While you may directly or indirectly care for a loved one during this time, your needs should not be neglected. The balance of ensuring a safe transition for your loved one and handling your everyday routine can be challenging. A caregiver can assist with supplemental personal care, homemaking, and companionship when you need a little help.

Not only can these services aide your loved one, but having a little extra help can give you balance and focus on quality time. Angel Senior Care has many professional caregivers who have experience working with hospice patients.

Give our office a call ,we can not only assist by sending a professional caregiver to assist in your home, but we can recommend other reputable hospice team members needed to ensure your family is connected with the best local resources.

If you also need a professional caregiver we can quickly refer a caregiver, often within 48 hours of your first contact with us.

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