Few family caregivers receive pay for the things they do to help their parents. If their parents qualify for Medicaid and family caregivers are offered payment, it’s rarely a living wage. When those family caregivers have not reached the age to retire, it’s incredibly stressful to try to bring in an income while also caring for their parents.

It would be best if you had an income for health insurance and retirement savings, but you struggle to work and help your parents with their daily tasks. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, it’s normal, but it also must be addressed. You need to step up and ask for help.

Have a Clear Care Plan

Home Care Nine Mile Falls, WA: Asking for Help

Watch your parents and let them do things they are capable of doing. It may be faster to do the dishes on your own, but it gives them a sense of pride in knowing they don’t have to rely on you for everything. When they can do something, you need to step back and let them do it.

Write down the tasks they cannot do independently to start building the care to-do lists. Your mom can shower on her own, but she struggles with buttoning her shirts and pants. Helping her get dressed goes onto the care plan. Your dad is no longer able to drive. Transportation goes onto his care plan.

As you build a care plan, note when tasks are done daily and when they’re a weekly chore. Changing sheets and towels isn’t a daily task. Reminding your parents to take their medications is. Note the differences and come up with two lists.

Be Honest About the Things You’re Doing

When you talk to the rest of your family, be honest about the care your parents need. You are cooking all of their meals and doing all of the housework. You help them with bathing and personal care. Plus, you have to drive them to every appointment and to run errands.

Other family members may not realize how much you’re doing. If they see your daily and weekly to-do lists, they may be able to take on some of those tasks. While they help out, take time for self-care.

Know When to Call in Professionals

What if you don’t have anyone to help out? Only children may find it hard to rely on others to help. Family dysfunction can also impact how much help family caregivers can rely on. Home care services are a helpful solution to these issues.

Paid caregivers can take over for a while and allow you to take breaks when needed. Have a day off to run errands, sleep in, or spend time with your immediate family.

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