Elder Care Tips on Keeping Senior Joints Limber and Healthy

Joint Health: Elder Care Spokane WA

Joint Health: Elder Care Spokane WA

As seniors age, taking care of their joints and improving flexibility is more important than ever. Doing this will prevent stiffness, lower their risk of injury, and improve their general quality of life. Seniors and their elder care professionals can work on keeping the joints limber by maintaining activity throughout the day.

The Art of Staying Limber

Regular physical exercise is important for the health of seniors’ joints. It makes the muscles around their joints stronger, relieves stress on their joints, and makes them more flexible. Seniors can walk, swim, ride a bike, or do other low-impact workouts as part of their daily routine to keep their joints active and mobile. When they have an elder care provider, they can gain support in these activities by having someone to do them with them and by having someone by their side in case they lose their balance.

Correct Form

When exercising, it’s important for seniors to have the correct form. They need to make sure their back is straight and their shoulders are relaxed. Warming up is also an essential part of exercising and cooling down. With support, seniors are reminded of all these things and can get the most from their routine.

Additionally, seniors should pay attention to how their body moves when doing daily tasks. Elder care aides can remind them to use their legs instead of their back to lift big things to keep their joints from getting too sore. They should also avoid repetitive movements, which can put stress on certain joints, and take breaks when doing things that require them to sit or stand for long amounts of time.

Exercising Regularly

Maintaining regular exercise also helps seniors maintain their weight at a healthy level. Extra weight can put more stress on their joints, especially their knees, hips, and feet. Keeping a healthy weight can help relieve this stress and lower their chances of joint pain and arthritis. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help seniors lose weight slowly and keep it off if seniors are overweight. For meal planning, seniors can count on their elder care team to help them create beneficial meals.

Whether they’re exercising or just hanging out, it’s important for seniors to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water keeps the joints lubricated and helps them move easily. Seniors should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and more if they do a lot of physical exercise or spend time in hot weather. This is essential since seniors tend to dehydrate quicker than they did when they were younger.

Hiring Elder Care

Last but not least, seniors should be encouraged by their elder care team to see their doctor regularly. If transportation is an issue, the elder care team can help. Also, if the appointments are through telehealth, elder care aides can ensure that seniors know how to log on. Seniors might also want to talk with their physician about supplements or natural treatments that might help with joint health. Things like glucosamine and chondroitin are thought to help maintain healthy joints.

Keeping the joints healthy is an ongoing job, but it’s crucial to age successfully. Loved ones and elder care providers can give seniors the support they need so they can continue doing the things they love.

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