Elder Care Tips to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Elder Care Cheney WA

Memorial Day: Elder Care Cheney WA

Memorial Day is a time for families to gather to watch a local parade before a family cookout. Your family has those plans this year, with the help of your dad’s elder care provider. But have you ever wondered why Memorial Day is celebrated?

When the Civil War took place in the 1860s, many families lost their sons, husbands, cousins, uncles, etc. In 1865, a New York pharmacist suggested that his town choose one day as a time to have a day off and spend time as a family remembering the men they lost in the war.

As you pay tribute to ancestors who lost their lives in any of the battles from around the world, you can’t ignore safety. Your dad loves honoring his brothers, uncles, father, etc., but you should keep safety in mind during Memorial Day events and throughout the year.

Outdoor Safety

When you’re outside, it’s important to stay safe. Your dad needs to remain hydrated. A glass of water each hour, more if he’s highly active, is important. Make sure he has water bottles available in a cooler.

Protection from the sun is the second outdoor safety factor to remember. Your dad should have a hat and sunglasses to shield his face. He also needs to put on sunscreen and reapply it every two hours. If he goes into the water, he should reapply sunscreen as soon as he gets out of the pool, lake, river, or ocean.

Finally, make sure he’s protected from insect bites. Mosquitoes can be more than pesky. They can spread disease. The same is true of ticks; many tick-borne illnesses are spreading north and can be dangerous to the elderly. Use an insect repellant that contains DEET for the best protection. Check your dad for ticks. If he wears light-colored clothing, this is easier to do.

Food Safety

When grilling meats, make sure they’re cooked to the correct temperature. If meats are undercooked, the risk of food poisoning is greater. Hot dogs should be at least 140 F. Beef, pork, veal, fish, and lamb should be 145 F or higher. Chicken and turkey need to be 165F or higher.

Burgers need to be at least 160 F if they’re pork, lamb, veal, beef, or bison. If people are making turkey or chicken burgers, they need to be 165 F. Veggie burgers should be at least 145 F if they’re vegan or 165 F if they contain cheese.

Keep chicken salad, potato salad, tuna salad, and pasta salads on ice in a cooler. If you’re cooking at home, keep them in the refrigerator. Once people have served themselves, make sure bowls go back into coolers or the fridge.

Transportation Safety

When driving home from someone else’s house, make sure your dad has a safe ride home. Older adults, especially those with cataracts, may learn that driving at night isn’t advised. Your dad’s eye doctor may tell him to stop driving on rainy, snowy, or excessively cloudy days.

Sometimes, vision worsens to the point that driving isn’t recommended at any point. Transportation services from an elder care aide are essential. Your dad can have someone with him on appointment days, when he needs to go shopping, or wants to attend a community event. Call an elder care agency to get started.

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