Fall Prevention Starts With a Clean Home

As you age at home, one of the biggest risks is falling. Your mom fell and broke her wrist. Since that fall, you’ve wondered what else you can do to help her stay safe. She doesn’t want to move from her home, but you worry about her falling when no one is around.

Fall prevention requires some careful planning. One area that family members often overlook is how clean the home is. A cluttered home increases the risk of falling. Here are the areas you need to focus your attention on.

Declutter Main Walking Areas

Home Care Manito Neighborhood, WA: Fall Prevention

When falls occur due to clutter, vision is usually obstructed. It may be at night when lights are turned off or during the day when carrying a large item like a laundry basket. Go through your mom’s home and look at the main walking areas.

Are furnishings out of the way if she gets up from her sofa and heads to the bathroom? If she’s in a hurry and catches her toe or knee on the corner of a coffee table that juts out into the main walking path, she’s likely to fall. Arrange furnishings to prevent these accidents.

Look at the hallway between her bedroom door and the main bathroom. If her master bedroom has a bathroom, look at her path between the bed and the bathroom. Is it clear of obstacles? If not, make changes to ensure the way is clear.

Make Sure Her Stairs Are Clear

Check her stairs to the front door, bedrooms, or laundry room. Does she have shoes lined up along the side of the stairs? While the placement of those shoes is meant to reduce clutter, they could cause her to trip while she’s carrying in groceries, laundry baskets, or hampers. The stairs need to be clear of any tripping hazards.

Clean Spills When They Happen

Wet floors are slippery. As soon as a spill happens, clean it up. If you spill something while your mom is asking for you to do something, you will be torn between helping her and getting that spill cleaned up. Clean the spill.

If you delay it, you may forget about it while taking care of whatever your mom wants. The spill remains on a tile floor, and someone steps in it and falls. That slip and fall is preventable by ensuring all spills are immediately cleaned up.

Boost Her Confidence by Hiring Home Care Aides

Has your mom fallen recently? It’s common for a fall to reduce an older adult’s confidence. Help your mom regain confidence at home by hiring home care aides to spend time with her. When she has home care aides available to help her with laundry, mobility, and housework, she’ll feel confident and enjoy her independence while aging at home.

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