Four Tips for Making Stroke Recovery Easier

Strokes happen when blood moving through the brain is blocked in some way. Typically, this means that there was a clot or that a blood vessel in the brain ruptured. Recovering from a stroke can take more time and energy than your senior realizes, so it helps if you’ve got a plan for making the process easier for your senior.

Make Sure You Know What She Needs

In-Home Care Spokane, WA: Stroke Recovery

Talk to your senior’s doctor about what exactly happened with your senior’s stroke and what she’ll need in order to recover. Some people who experience mild strokes may only need to rest and recuperate afterward. If your elderly family member had a more involved stroke, she may need extensive physical and occupational therapy to do even simple things, like learning to walk again or learning to talk.

Address Controllable Risk Factors

Reducing the likelihood that your senior will experience another stroke is at the top of her care plan after an initial stroke. That means that if your senior smokes or eats a poor diet, that needs to change and fairly quickly. The time for small changes may be over. This can be emotionally difficult as well as physically difficult and even if your senior wants to reduce her controllable risk factors, it can be tough to change habits overnight.

Address Potential Safety Concerns

Safety at home is key as your senior recovers from a stroke. It’s possible that you need to make some very specific changes in her home environment in order to allow her to safely come home. Some of those changes might involve moving furniture, installing grab bars, or ensuring that she has eating utensils that she can easily use to eat her meals.

Bring in In-home Care Providers

One of the best safety and assistance tools that you can provide for your senior is in-home care providers. Elder care providers are experienced in assisting seniors with tasks that have become difficult, even if that difficulty is only temporary. This can make all the difference in your senior being able to come home to recuperate and having to stay in a hospital or other facility.

Remember also that this is a big change for your senior. Even a mild stroke changes how your senior imagines her future might be. It can also mean that she faces issues she hasn’t let herself face in the past, like the possibility that she might have to change some of her goals at this stage of her life. Being empathetic and understanding can help so very much.

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