Helping Your Loved One Increase Energy Levels

The opposite of having tons of energy has chronic exhaustion, which can be terrible for a senior’s health. Long-term effects of chronic fatigue in the elderly need to be studied more, but it is crucial to help seniors maintain energy levels as they age. Even after a good night’s rest, older persons with chronic tiredness may feel drowsy throughout the day, disrupting their daily routine and negatively impacting their mental health. Long-term fatigue may also indicate a more significant health issue.

As we become older, we naturally have less vigor. Although age and a slowing metabolism are significant contributors, other variables may also play a role. The good news is that there are actions you may do to increase your elderly loved one’s vitality.

Encourage Your Loved Ones to Add More Movement Into Their Lives

Mild exercise is beneficial for the elderly because it increases energy and improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to all body parts, including the brain. Energy levels may be boosted by exercise because of the positive effects on breathing, heart health, blood sugar, and blood pressure. While moving has numerous health advantages, discussing any new fitness regimen with a doctor is essential.

Monitor Medication Side Effects

Home Care Assistance in Manito Neighborhood, WA: Increasing Energy Levels

Home Care Assistance in Manito Neighborhood, WA: Increasing Energy Levels

Medications may cause various unwanted consequences in seniors, including mental fogginess, vertigo, weakness, and exhaustion. Low energy levels are possible side effects of drugs used to treat high blood pressure, heart problems, discomfort, or diabetes. Make an appointment with your loved one’s doctor if you’ve noticed a shift in their energy levels. If the doctor is able to identify the offending drug or drugs, they may be able to lower the patient’s overall dose. If a lower amount does not improve energy levels, the medicine may be stopped altogether and replaced with one less likely to have such an effect.

Eat Nutritious Food

Meeting the dietary requirements for vitamins and minerals is especially important for the elderly. Sluggishness, poor energy levels, weariness, and a weakened immune system might come from failing to do so. You should encourage your loved one to consume nutrient-rich foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, and dairy products, within tolerable limits. Although eating well may help prevent nutritional deficiencies, some people still need extra help from vitamins and minerals. Home care providers can prepare nutritious meals and snacks for your senior parent. 

Focus on Being a Healthy Weight

Excess weight, particularly around the middle, may sap stamina and even make breathing difficult. Exercising and using the stairs may become more challenging if you are overweight. In contrast, underweight older persons may feel lethargic due to poor dietary habits that have led to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that manifest as weakness, dizziness, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and increased susceptibility to illness.

Look for Allergies Your Senior May Have

Although itchy, watery eyes, stuffy noses, and sneezing are the most common symptoms of an allergic response, extreme exhaustion may also occur. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are generated in significant doses when the body is exposed to an allergen, and this symptom may be associated with their expression. Because allergic responses may generate a systemic inflammatory response, they may also contribute to fatigue in the elderly. Muscle discomfort, weariness, joint swelling, and general malaise are among the symptoms your loved one may encounter if this occurs. Take a loved one to an allergist if they start experiencing allergy problems. When allergies are addressed, a person may feel more energized.

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