How Can Home Care Help With Errands?

Home Care Spokane Valley WA

Home Care Spokane Valley WA

Your dad wants to live alone and hates the idea of moving to a retirement community. You aren’t comfortable with him driving and don’t feel it’s safe for him to run errands by himself. Have you considered the benefits of having home care aides to help with weekly routines?

Organization and Planning

Your dad’s home care aide can stop by and help him with the organization and planning tasks that are necessary before running errands. Your dad needs to plan his weekly menu. What does he want to have for meals and snacks this week?

Once your dad and his caregiver have decided on the weekly menu, his caregiver can help him inventory what he has in his refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. If there are items he needs, his caregiver can add them to a shopping list.

Your dad and his caregiver can look at his non-prescription and prescription medications and see if any refills are needed. If so, calls are made to schedule refills and have them delivered or set a time for pick-up.


Each month, your dad and his caregiver can go over what appointments he needs. Is it time for a haircut? Does he need to see his doctor, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, or podiatrist? How about psychiatrist or physical therapist visits?

Does he like to attend social events at the local library or senior center? Are there support groups he doesn’t want to miss?

If he has appointments to schedule or RSVPs to send, his caregiver can help him. They’ll work on a calendar together, and it can be an online calendar that you can also access. If there are appointments when you’re free and want to take him, you can make a note. Your family stays organized with a caregiver helping out.


When it’s time for your dad to go shopping, visit a friend, or see a doctor or therapist, your dad’s caregiver can drive him. He doesn’t have to risk his safety driving from his home to another address. Once the appointment is over, his caregiver drives him back home. He’s never alone on appointment days.

If he has errands to run, his caregiver can help him. He’ll have someone to accompany him in stores, at the post office, or at a pharmacy. His caregiver helps him navigate the check-in or payment system, bags his items, and loads them into the car for him.

Go over a list of your dad’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to independent living. Where he has the biggest struggles, make sure you’ve arranged to have home care aides helping out. This keeps him from taking risks and attempting to do things he’s unable to do alone, which helps him stay independent and gives you peace of mind.

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