How Can Your Senior Boost Her Energy Levels and Use Her Energy Wisely?

Having enough energy to do what she wants to do and to live life on her own terms might be incredibly important for your senior. But if she’s stuck in a low energy cycle now, she might not feel as if she knows how to make any changes to improve her situation.


Personal Care at Home Spokane Valley, WA: Boosting Energy

The human body relies heavily on hydration. And if your elderly family member is in the habit of not drinking enough water, she may find herself feeling exhausted and lethargic often. Proper hydration can turn that around for her. It’s tough to just suddenly start drinking those recommended eight glasses of water a day, though, so it’s a better idea to start out slowly increasing her water intake.

Get Adequate Nutrition

When your senior is eating plenty of healthy foods, that naturally provides her body with the energy that she needs to thrive. Unfortunately, lots of aging adults find it difficult to keep up with meal preparation, grocery shopping, and other tasks related to eating healthier meals on a regular basis. Personal care at home can make all nutrition related tasks easier on your elderly family member, encouraging her to get the nutrients that she needs.

Move More

It seems like a lie, but when your elderly family member moves more on a consistent basis, that can boost her energy levels. Talk to your senior’s doctor before she starts a new exercise plan to make sure it’s a good and safe option for her. Whatever exercise she chooses, it needs to be something that she enjoys so that she’ll continue to make it a regular part of her day.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Exercise can also help to improve your elderly family member’s sleeping patterns, which is another crucial part of improving her energy levels. Setting regular planned times for getting up and going to bed also helps. Other suggestions, like reducing screen time and stimulating foods and drinks before bed, can also help a lot.

Keep Her Environment Clean

A clean environment is hygienically better for your senior and it is also safer. It can also have mental health benefits. But keeping her environment clean and tidy might not be something that she’s able to handle well on her own. Elderly care providers can take over those household tasks for your senior, along with others as needed, and help her to use her energy on tasks and activities that she wants to handle on her own.

Personal care at home can do a lot to help your senior to take care of all of the various factors that improve and maintain her energy levels.

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