How to Help Your Dad With Limited Mobility

Home Care Assistance in Comstock Neighborhood WA

Home Care Assistance in Comstock Neighborhood WA

One of the biggest issues a senior may face is having limited mobility. It can be frustrating to rely on adult children, and that is when home care assistance can come in handy. They are professionals whom your loved one can rely on without feeling self-conscious or like a burden. Of course, you would never intentionally let your dad feel like that, but aging in place has challenges, and they may not want to rely on you and would rather rely on a professional. So, how can home care assistance help your dad who has limited mobility? Good question! Here are some things to consider when finding the right home care assistance and how they could help your dad age in place gracefully:

Allow Your Senior to Ask for Help

One of the biggest things to look for when it comes to home care assistance is to find someone your dad is comfortable asking for help. If they feel self-conscious or embarrassed around someone, they may not want to ask for help. You can assume someone needs help, but that may make them angry. However, if you or someone else can build a rapport with your dad, you may find out what he needs help with, which can benefit both of you.

Provide New Opportunities

Even if your dad can’t move around a lot, he still needs to socialize. This is something that home care assistance can help with, but they can also ensure your senior does get out if they feel like it. Most caregivers can provide non-emergency transportation for seniors and even help get them in and out of wheelchairs to ensure they are socializing with others. Home care assistance can help provide your senior dad with new opportunities. Giving him a chance to do new things, even with limited mobility, will keep your loved one happy and boost their quality of life.

Home Safety Features

Sometimes, seniors with limited mobility can be stubborn. But that is because they still want to do things independently and be independent even with home care assistance. This is respectable, and it makes sense. However, when your loved one chooses to age in place, it’s time to add some safety features to prevent falls and keep them moving around as much as possible with little help. This means new light switches, non-slip mats, grab rails for the toilet and bathtub, and anything else you think would help make your loved one’s life easier. These safety features are affordable and can be added to a home with little hassle.

Keep Going to the Doctor

Your loved one should have a strong connection with a doctor who can help them stay more active. If they are in pain, a doctor can help; if they have no symptoms, a doctor can also manage those. People with limited mobility must be open and honest with a doctor about how mobile they are. Doctors may even be able to give more tips on how to keep a senior more active and engaged.

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