Keep Your Senior Loved One Safe From Holiday Scams

Seniors are often the targets of scams. Some estimates are that seniors lose more than 36 billion dollars per year because of scams. And the holiday season is prime time for scams online and by phone that target seniors. Seniors who may not be tech savvy can get scammed when they try to shop online to get the best deals.

A popular scam that targets old people is that a scammer will contact a senior on the phone or through social media claiming to be the senior’s grandchild who needs money for an emergency. Other scams that are popular during the holidays are scammers claiming to represent charities that are soliciting holiday donations.

If you are worried about your senior loved one becoming the victim of a scam this holiday season let your senior loved one’s senior home care provider know that you are worried about scams. The senior home care provider can take extra precautions to help make sure that your senior doesn’t end up losing their money in a scam. Some other things that you can do to help keep your senior loved one safe from scammers are:

Request 2 Factor Verification For Credit Cards

Senior Home Care Spokane Valley, WA: Holiday Scams

One way that you can protect your senior loved one when they are shopping online is to make sure that you have turned on 2 factor verification for all debit and credit cards. You may need to call and ask for this service or you may be able to turn it on through online banking. With 2 factor authentication your senior loved one will have to verify their identity when they are shopping online every time they buy something using a debit or credit card. That will ensure that no one else is using their cards to make purchases. Just make sure that you or their senior home care provider shows them how to complete the 2 factor authentication.

Have Someone Else Answer The Phone

If you are worried about your senior loved one falling victim to a phone scam have their senior home care provider answer the phone or answer the phone yourself. That way you and the senior home care provider can screen calls and weed out any potential scammers before they get the chance to talk with your senior loved one. If your senior loved one wants to give money to charities that they trust they can mail in a check or donate online instead of giving over the phone.

Give Your Senior Loved One Gift Cards To Shop With

Another way that you can protect your senior loved one during the holiday season is to give them prepaid gift cards to their holiday shopping. With a prepaid card once the money is gone it’s gone and there’s nothing to steal. The cards are not attached to any bank accounts or credit accounts so even if a scammer does get the card or the number they can’t get access to your senior loved one’s bank accounts or credit cards.

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