Tips to Improve Sleep Quality in Senior Citizens

Sleep quality is one of the most important parts of your elderly loved one’s health. As an elderly person, their body may be getting weaker and weaker over the years. For this reason, ensuring that your elderly loved one gets quality sleep is important. Research shows that quality sleep can help to improve strength, boost energy, help improve blood pressure, and offer many other benefits to the elderly.

Does your elderly loved one need help to improve their sleep quality? If so, here are some tips that you and home care assistance providers can help them with.

Daily Exercise

Home Care Assistance in Rockwood Neighborhood, WA: Improving Sleep Quality

Research shows that daily exercise can help to boost sleep quality. The research shows that those who exercise daily can fall asleep quicker than those who don’t exercise every day. In addition, people who exercise every day often feel more tired in the evening, so they can sleep longer throughout the night. If your elderly loved one isn’t currently exercising daily, maybe you or a senior care provider could help them create an exercise plan.

Reducing Distractions in the Bedroom

Is your elderly loved one waking up often throughout the night because of distractions in their bedroom? Maybe, they have the television on or a cellphone that keeps beeping due to notifications. If these things are happening, they could be waking your elderly loved one up and reducing their sleep quality. It is best if all noises and lights are off during the night. That way, your elderly loved one can sleep through the night, instead of waking up constantly.

If needed, you or a home care assistance provider may need to remind your elderly loved one to turn off the television and to turn off the notifications on their phone at night.

Better Routines and Schedules

Your elderly loved one could probably get better quality sleep if they were on a good routine and schedule.

What does your elderly loved one do before bed? It would be best if they limited caffeine, electronic time, and noise. By reducing these things, your elderly loved one will have a better chance of falling asleep quickly when they get into bed.

The schedule your elderly loved one has during the day can affect their sleep, as well. The more consistent their schedule is, the more their body will get used to going to bed and waking up at the same times each day.


These are some of the best tips to improve sleep quality in senior citizens. Now that you know about these tips, share them with your elderly loved one. After some time of implementing these tips, your elderly loved one should be able to get better quality sleep.

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