Are you taking care of your elderly loved one? If so, it is likely that they have numerous medications they are taking or supposed to be taking. It can often be tough for family caregivers to track all these medications. However, there are some tips on how you can track your elderly loved one’s medications in an easier fashion.

Talking to Their Doctors

Senior Care Mead, WA: Tracking Medications

One of the best things for you to do is to talk to your elderly loved one’s doctors. Always ask the doctors about the medications they are prescribing to your loved one. Make sure you know when your loved one needs to take each medication, why the medication is being prescribed, if there are any interactions you should know about, and if there are any side effects to the medications. Don’t be afraid to talk to the doctor about anything related to the medications.

Always Read the Warning Labels

Prescription medications have warning labels on them for a reason, to keep the patient safe. You should always make sure that you read the warning labels. If the senior care providers are the ones giving your loved one medications, make sure they read the warning labels, as well. For instance, if your loved one shouldn’t be taking other medications with a certain medication, make sure this doesn’t happen. If there is something you are concerned about after reading the warning label, make sure you talk to their doctor about it.

Organizing Their Medications

If your elderly loved one is on multiple medications, you will want to make sure that you are organizing their medications. There are medication trays and dispensers that you can get to easily organize the medications they need to take. For instance, if they have medications they need to take in the morning, afternoon, and evening, the dispensers will dispense these at the appropriate times.

Get Rid of Expired Medication

If your loved one doesn’t use all of a medication and it is expired or they aren’t supposed to be taking it any longer, make sure you dispose of it properly. You don’t want them accidentally taking a medication that they aren’t supposed to be on anymore.

Keeping Track of Changes

Sometimes your loved one will experience a side effect to a medication and the doctor will lower their dosage, but there isn’t a new bottle until they renew their prescription. Make a note of this and keep track of these changes.

These are some of the tips for tracking your elderly loved one’s medications. You want to make sure your loved one is safe and only take their medications as prescribed.

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