It’s not uncommon at all for family caregivers to find themselves caring for more than one person. When multiple older family members need your help, you’ve got an even bigger juggling act to manage. How can you cope with all that is going on?

Open up the Lines of Communication with Everyone Involved

Elder Care Spokane Valley, WA: Caring for Multiple Family Members

Elder Care Spokane Valley, WA: Caring for Multiple Family Members

Any time that you’re caring for more than one senior family member, you’re going to need to make communication one of your priorities. Make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and that they know what they need to know. This might sound complicated to keep up with, but it’s going to be an essential part of helping you to juggle all that’s going on.

Your Attention Is Definitely Going to Be Divided

No matter how hard you try, your attention is definitely going to be divided amongst the different situations you’re managing. You might feel at times as if you’re being pulled in too many directions at once and that’s probably very accurate. Take breaks when you need to and make sure that you remain as organized as possible, because that’s going to help you to keep track of the information you need to have at hand.

You Have to Acknowledge Your Feelings in the Moment

There are also going to be a lot of feelings floating around. Sometimes you might be frustrated or angry about what’s going on and other times you might be feeling super positive. It’s important that you acknowledge all of your feelings, the positive ones and the negatives ones, too, as they’re happening. That’s going to help you to stay in touch with what’s happening and avoid bottling those emotions up, which can be dangerous over time.

Don’t Wait to Get Some Extra Help

Above all, you want to make sure that you’ve got help with everything as soon as possible. If other family members can pitch in, that’s fantastic. But you may find that you’re on your own more than you’d like. That’s where elder care providers can prove invaluable. They’re there when you need them, especially when you’ve got multiple family members who need your caregiving assistance. They can fill in for you when you’re needed elsewhere.

It is never easy to be a caregiver, whether you are caring for multiple people or just one. Having the right tools and plans in place can make a huge difference.

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