Home Care Deer Park, WA: What Can You Do if You’re Having a Lot of Bad Days?

Very often bad days feel a lot bigger and heavier than good days do. And one bad day can make you feel awful for a lot longer than just that one day. Here’s what you can do.

Ask Yourself What You Need

When you notice you’re having a bad day and that you’re overwhelmed, stop for a minute and ask yourself what you need right then. You might be hungry or tired, but that’s a need you’ve overlooked or simply ignored. Caregivers tend to do this and then they must deal with the fallout of those decisions. So take a minute to assess your needs and do what you can to meet them right then.

Try to See Things from Her Perspective

Shifting your perspective for a minute can help, too. Your senior might be engaging in some behaviors that are frustrating or downright negative and your feelings are probably revving up. But is there a reason behind her behavior? Perhaps she’s tired, hungry, or hasn’t slept well. Whatever the possible cause, taking a moment to notice and to recognize that there is indeed a reason can help you to approach the situation differently.

Forgive Yourself for Having a Bad Day

Sometimes a bad day is just a bad day. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed lately in general or you’re dealing with your own health issues. Very often caregivers feel as if they have to be perfect or they’re a terrible caregiver. If any of that applies to your situation, you need to take a step back and offer yourself forgiveness. You’re human and you won’t always get it right every single time and that’s okay.

Look at Taking Some Time Away

It’s also possible that you’re trying to do everything yourself and you’re not taking time away. You absolutely need to be taking periodic breaks as a caregiver. If you don’t, overwhelm is going to be a massive problem and you might even burn out. Hire home care providers to take over for you and spend some time recharging.

If you’ve been feeling this way for a long time, it might take more than just a few days of these types of tips to help you to feel better again. You might even find that it helps to talk to a therapist that you can trust about what you’re experiencing. They can give you tools that you can use on a daily basis.

Excerpt: Everybody has bad days now and again, but if they’re more frequent, this can help.

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